Irishtown Nature Park Engagement – Bryan & Sally

I hadn’t seen Sally or Bryan since the day of our graduation. That day, we were all just a bunch of scared kids, sitting on that big stage, all getting ready to step into the next big adventure life was going to throw at us. How your suppose to know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, no one yet has the answer to. I thought I knew what my plan was, and photography wasn’t even part of it. Surprise, more then 5 years later, that apparently was the entire plan.

So when Sally contacted me just after Christmas about getting engagement pictures done, and mentioned it was Bryan she was engaged too, that was another surprise. I didn’t know they were even together, let alone engaged. But these two know their plan, and their plan is each other. Bryan and Sally are one of those couples that make you melt just looking at them. There was no stress, there was no worry, it was just them, in front of the camera, being them. And there was not a trace of that scared kid look we all had years ago, or how cold they were after running around the woods with me for these.

I cannot wait to shoot this wedding later on this year, and I already know how great the pictures are going to be. Enjoy these!

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Gwen Hicks

Jill, these photos are just beautiful. Lovely work.

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