Cap-Pelé Engagement – Monique & Geoff

It was pouring. The day before had been the nicest day we’d had in about 2 weeks, and yet again, it was pouring. Pouring so yard that the valley in my backyard was white, I couldn’t see across, like it was full of fog. Awesome. This would be the last chance we’d get to shoot Monique and Geoff’s engagement pictures, just in time to get a guestbook back for their July wedding. Not to mention a beach engagement pictures. No cover if the torrential rain came back.

So I packed my bags, and umbrellas, and started the drive into town where Monique, Geoff and I had planned to meet. And the asphalt on the road was bare. 5 minutes away from where we had just had torrential downpours, the road was dry. And it stayed dry, all the way to Cap-Pelé, and right to the Aboiteau Beach. Not a drop of rain. And it was warmer on the beach than it was in Moncton! From what I’m told it rained the whole time I was gone, and you’ll see the rain clouds in the background of the pictures. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Monique and Geoff, thank you for these shots. Thank you for not bailing because of chances of rain!

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I love the soft tones! Great job on this session Jill! Your clients will love them!

Irene Roberts

Beautiful settings – beautiful couple – nice job Jill.

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